Located in the middle of the town, Px122 Hotel is an authentic hotel with rich history combine with traditional Thai cultures. 


PX122 Hotel located in the middle of the town. This location has been known for local since the establishment of Nan Tobacco Trading Company in the 1970s. The original structure of the hotel used to be a warehouse for storing Tobacco. The name PX122 come from “P” stand for Prae ( แพร่ ) where we shipped our tobacco for sell, “x” stand for export, and “122” is a license number  for selling tobacco. 


Due to its unique structure, we designed to reconstruct and renovated the warehouse into a modern hotel. This hotel is a combination of old vintage style hotel and modern luxury hotel. Assuredly, anyone who visits this exclusive and beautiful place will surely enjoy their every moment!       


Explore, rest, and enjoy the beauty of Nan








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M-Th 9 am – 9 pm
F-Sa 9 am– 9 pm
Su 10 am– 9 pm



42/5  Suriyapong Street.

Mueang Nan, Thailand 

zip code : 55000





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Why Nan...

"The city of Nan is best known for its temples, which make up for their relatively modest size with interiors brimming with beautiful murals. The 16th century royal temple of Wat Phumin at the city center is the top attraction, its inside walls covered in intriguing murals painted in 1867. They depict Buddhist beliefs and daily life of that time period including Tai Lü village scenes and the arrival of Westerners. Its most famous characters are “The Whispering” couple, which has achieved somewhat of an iconic status in Nan, having been depicted on souvenirs, signages and decor throughout the city. Another temple worth visiting for its equally captivating murals believed to be done by the same muralist is Wat Nong Bua built in 1862, located 40 km north of the city." 

-Edgar Alan Zeta-Yap,

a travel writer


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